Reszel - town on the Warmia

The beginnings of the settlement date back as early as 5th century B.C.

In 1241 The Teutonics raised a wooden watchtower, which was later burned down during Prussian uprisings. The town developed along a Warmian bishops' castle, The building of which began in 1350. Reszel was granted the location priviledge in 1337, and since 1466 had been a part of Polish, Catholic province of Warmia.The town had very modern sewage and draining system as early as 1389, the system that was in operation until the end of the 19th century. During the Polish reign, Reszel was the local center of craftsmanship, famous for its magnificent blacksmiths, goldsmiths, and weavers. Since the second half of the 17th century a renown Jesuit college Provided education to both catholics and protestants. The college was funded, among others, by the King Jan Kazimierz. The town was blooming thanks to the sanctuary of Our lady in Swieta Lipka (Heiligelinde), which is located in the close vicinity of Reszel (5 km east of th town).

In 1772 the Polish reign over the province came to a crash And Reszel found itself in Prussian hands. For Reszel the change meant the beginning of the end. In 1806 Reszel went down in flames of the biggest fire in the history of the town. In 1811, on a hill outside the town, the last funeral pyre in Europe took the life of Barbara Zdunk, a local women accused of witchcraft and bringing the fire on Reszel.

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